a greater impact on motivation and engagement

Strategically-Planned Events


Event Planning & Management

InStyle Events develops creative and stimulating concepts to help engage and educate your employees, build awareness for your cause or launch your product.

We look after everything for your corporate event, including venue selection, theme development, on-site event management and full-scale production, including lighting, sound and video.

We source and design all event elements including décor, entertainment, digital and print communications. All with a focus on flawlessly executing an event that connects your objectives and your brand to your audience.


Team Building & Training Programs

  • Want to engage your employees with an interactive and experiential training program?
  • Have a new team working on a product launch?
  • Is there a new leader in your organization?
  • Looking for programs to help your team work more efficiently?

InStyle Events can help you meet your specific goals. Our instructional designers, facilitators and team-building professionals design the optimal program to deliver results long after your event.

Satisfied InStyle Events clients come from all industries, including: pharmaceutical, retail, aviation, travel and tourism, financial, legal, sports and banking to name a few.


We want to be your first-choice corporate event company!

With your goals and budget in mind, we will assess your needs through our own specially designed evaluation process and help you to develop the perfect program.


InStyle Events’ team-building and training programs are designed to produce optimal results in:

  • Brainstorming

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Friendly Competition

  • Planning and Execution

  • Decision-making

  • Debriefing

  • Customer Service and Sales

  • Finance

  • Goal Setting and Attainment

  • Leadership

  • Managing Organizational Change

  • Marketing

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Personal and Professional Growth

  • Stress Management

  • Team Building and Development

Your team gets the most benefit from your programs when:

  • They participate in the learning process
  • They influence its nature and direction
  • Their experience is based on an unconventional simulation with practical, social, personal, physical or professional challenges
  • Some form of self-evaluation is applied in assessing its progress and success
  • The programs are interactive and engaging

Measuring the success of your team-building or training program is essential. Once the fun is over, we follow-up with a thorough debriefing session to ensure that objectives are fully achieved and that everyone retains something of long-term value to your organization.

Let InStyle Events show you how to make team-building or training programs a productive part of your event strategy!


Strategic Events

Your event shouldn’t end when the MC walks off the stage or the winning team crosses the finish line. We work with you to create programs that optimize your returns and produce long-term results.

Our measurable results demonstrate that strategically-planned events are more effective and have a greater impact on motivation and engagement.

Messaging is integrated and scaled across a variety of media for maximum impact and reach throughout the event lifecycle. We can help you make event planning a top corporate priority. From traditional and online media, to live and virtual events, our event specialists help transform the way you think about and plan events. Couple that with our strategic event planning and execution expertise, and you have a winning combination to reach the highest measure of success.