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The InStyle Events Four-Point Strategy



Our Process

A unique plan is tailored to engage your audience and keep them focused on your goals. We help you define the vision for your event, product launch or meeting and then create an impactful and retainable experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our four-point plan keeps your message front-of-mind, throughout the event and long afterwards. Your events will be more successful than ever. More successful than you ever thought possible.

InStyle Events’ follow-up strategies deliver tangible and measurable results. A well-planned, multi-media communication strategy keeps your team informed and motivated after your event. Our insightful approach maximizes message retention and realizes the full potential of your event.

Your vision, delivered through a strategic plan, results in engaging events that keep your audience involved not only in each event, but in your entire event strategy.



Getting to know our Client

Step One

InStyle Events begins by exploring your organization’s culture, brand, people, resources, competition and overall industry. We analyze and define your goals and objectives. Then we work with you to develop an event architecture that best fits your requirements while maximizing your budget.

Whether your journey begins with a single event, a meeting or a training program, our mission is to guide you to the best results.

What’s Your Goal?

  • Improving collaboration within a group
  • Aligning the organization
  • Increasing sales to gain market share
  • Recognition - Rewarding top performers
  • Developing a culture of flawless execution
  • Becoming a leader in social responsibility
  • Celebrating a major milestone
  • Cultural transformation
  • Philanthropy


Creating your Event Strategy

Step Two

With the research done, it’s time to create your event strategy. It gives you a high-level visual guide of the process, interactions, successes and results. Stakeholders are kept on course with a timeline for recording and analyzing information.

The event strategy includes all relevant touch points, including related future events, meetings, training, and follow-up communications. It details when and how to measure the results, ensuring consistent, relevant messaging.

InStyle Events’ customized communications strategy fosters an emotional connection with your audience, strengthens your brand, and delivers impactful messages - all within your budget.



The Main Event

Step Three

InStyle Events ensures that your audience remains on board and engaged throughout the entire event. Our team is on-site to monitor all systems at all stages. They deliver an exciting event with innovation, flair and emotion to compel your audience to realize their full potential.



Measuring the Success

Step Four

Maintaining motivation, engagement and the emotional connection following the event is a critical step in your communications strategy.

InStyle Events collaborates with you to expertly craft a series of pre-planned touch points that can include follow-up communications, experiential learning programs and coaching sessions to cater to your specific objectives. Our customized strategies deliver limitless organizational growth and significant returns on your investment.

Our proven methods of measuring the success of the event will demonstrate its value.