Employee engagement is a major competitive advantage

Keep employees happy, increase productivity & decrease turnover.


Maximize the impact of your corporate event!

Complete corporate event planning and management, including team-building, employee training and employee engagement events and programs.

InStyle Events helps you execute on the finer details of planning and management to maximize the impact of every corporate event.

  • Conferences
  • Team or Shareholder Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Recognition Events
  • Corporate Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Parties
  • Corporate Retreats


You need employees who are not only motivated to create great work, but who believe and are engaged in the corporate mission and vision. 


Motivate Your Employees to Greatness

Inspire and nurture employee engagement — one employee, one organization, one event at a time.


Mission Statement

To create events that help companies build a highly engaged culture among their staff and cross-functional teams. Through InStyle Events, companies and their employees are revitalized to boost their enthusiasm for their work and ultimately strengthen their overall performance.



Collaboration is vital, build a loyal and devoted team, not just a group of people.

Successful companies must embed a culture of honesty, transparency and trust, and the expectation that all employees act ethically and lawfully.

A company must protect the health and safety of its people. Employees need to feel safe and know they have the right tools for their jobs.

People Focused
Giving top talent opportunities for development improves their loyalty. Passionate employees want to continually grow and develop their career; to reach their full potential. Employers must empower that desire.

Creativity and intellectual risk-taking should be encouraged to continually move forward in a rapidly-changing world.

Recognizing both individual and shared achievements, especially when they reinforce corporate values, is one of the most effective ways to support a positive corporate culture.



A new vision for corporate events

We want to improve your image of corporate events. They are not a one-time experience. 

Effective communication tools help the audience retain messages from the most impactful events they attend. It's all in the finer details of strategic planning and flawless execution.


That’s where we come in.

Event planning is an art. It’s fueled by energy, creativity and passion. It takes a tight and flexible team to manage every detail - from conception to completion. InStyle Events’ team of knowledgeable professionals takes the burden off your organization to protect your investment and maximize results.

We do it all…

From venue selection, theme development and on-site event management to full-scale production services, including lighting, sound and video. We source and design all event elements including décor, entertainment, digital and print communications, team building and training programs.