Why Franchises Must Invest In Employee Engagement

Recent studies indicate that almost 50% of the workforce is disengaged which has a significant impact on productivity and ultimately impacts your bottom line. For this reason, the importance of employee engagement should not be underestimated. When employees feel enthusiastic and committed, they are more likely to be productive at work. In fact, research has shown that highly engaged employees are a key contributor to greater business success, generating 26% higher revenue per employee. Organization’s across the globe are striving to ensure their employees are as happy, healthy and productive as possible.

Employee engagement really is the backbone of a happy, productive and profitable workforce. That’s why the importance of creating a workplace that is full of enthusiastic and committed employees cannot be taken for granted. 

As customers are engaged across more channels, employee engagement becomes even more critical. Now more than ever, employee engagement should be embedded into the very fabric of your franchise, embraced by executives and employees alike. Hence, if your franchise is not prioritizing employee engagement, you may not be prioritizing the customer experience, either. Many factors can influence the franchise customer experience, but the engaged employee ties them all together—regardless of whether those experiences occur in a restaurant, at the drive-through, or on a digital platform. To be successful in the marketplace, brands should focus on creating great customer experiences through brand ambassadors who adopt the brand’s mission as their own and take personal responsibility for the customer experience. This creates a positively differentiated experience, which can help to create success for the customer and the franchise.

Providing a consistently positive franchise experience is what creates customer loyalty, and companies cannot achieve it without an engaged workforce. Working toward excellence in each of the core elements that drive engagement creates the win-win franchise situation—the employee experience improves and your customers get a better experience with your brand.

Despite the fact that franchisors can inculcate strategies and initiatives to cement employee engagement into the company culture, franchisees need to take the lead in implementing these strategies into the wider business. When both the franchisor and franchisee do their part in building and sustaining employee engagement, they can maximize their chances of growing a happier and more engaged workforce, enabling them to benefit from their greatest asset: their people. 

So, how exactly can franchises create a company culture that promotes employee engagement?

Our customized process is designed to help you to increase morale in your workforce and reduce costly staff turnover. At InStyle Events we can help you deal with the people side of your business.

Tammy Nucci