Why Workplace Culture Must Remain A Priority

It makes perfect sense that a positive and unified work environment will perform better than a negative and disengaged one, right?

Yet even though most organizations know this, many still grow too focused on ‘doing what needs done’ to achieve results leaving workplace culture as a minor priority. Habitually this occurs because of stringent deadlines, the comfort zone of routine, fear of change or the vicious cycle of staff retention rates that organizations fall into this trap.

As a consequence, organizations suffer as financial results decrease, eventually leading to an increase in staff lay-offs creating even broader team discord. Furthermore, when the value of workplace culture is not acknowledged and appreciated as it deserves, organizations quickly go into a downward spiral.

Hence, the central starting point must be that leaders recognize and appreciate that the very essence of achieving success is by establishing a positive and unified workplace culture.

Which brings us to the purpose of this blog…

We want every organization to enjoy the fruits of having a positive, healthy culture to work in. This is our driving force, our ‘why’. Frequently we will be writing and sharing a succession of blogs on how to create a positive workplace culture through employee engagement.

But before we get into the ‘how’, it is crucial that we start by explaining the ‘why’ – why a positive workplace culture is imperative. And just as important, why it’s vital ‘now’ more than ever.

The Modern-Day Trend of Work Life Integration

The conventional 9-5 work day is almost extinct. We now live in a 24/7 business environment where the majority of people blend their professional and personal lives into one, also referred to as work life integration. Therefore, if we are working longer hours and working during other aspects of our life, it’s probably best to enjoy it! If we don’t the motivation to work extended hours, especially during personal time, will drop significantly resulting in lower productivity, weaker performance and potentially increased resignation.

The Employees Mental Health Impacts the Bottom-Line

The happier that employees are in the workplace, the more positive their mental health! Recent studies by Harvard, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada confirm that a ‘mentally healthy’ workplace will generate higher levels of staff retention, increased productivity and reduced expenditures in absenteeism and compensation claims. Despite the fact there are many considerations involved regarding mental health, a supportive and happy work environment is a major influence.

The Attraction & Retention of Good Staff

If you have a positive and strong workplace culture, existing staff will see a future in the business and good people will make a claim to be part of it, it’s that simple. Not only will this reduce the cost and resources involved in the recurrent recruitment and training of staff, a great culture will ensure you have the best people. In the recent past people were grateful to have a job. In today’s world, younger workers predominantly decide who they want to work for, rating workplace culture high when selecting their potential roles.

The Unison & Support of a Team

In any industry, an individual is only as good as his or her team. Any which organization may have high performing individuals in the workplace, but if they do not work effectively in a team or are not supported by the team around them, it will count for very little. Every workplace today, with the exception of sole-traders, relies upon teams for business function. The team,  regardless the size, needs to be building strong relationships, a sense of harmony, cohesiveness and unity, not only for the team but ultimately for the organization for it to succeed.

The Productivity of Staff

Quite simply, happy staff are more productive staff! You can find ample amounts of research on this claim. Even the time spent to nurture fun and enjoyment in the workplace such as corporate team building activities, social events, corporate training days and in-house competitions is time well spent for the productivity it will enhance.

The Ultimate Profitability or Viability of the Organization

Consider this! A positive workplace culture will aid in the retention and recruitment of staff; add motivation for people to integrate work into their 24/7 lives; promote a mentally healthy workplace; create team harmony and unity; and, increase productivity. 

The result - greater output, more quality performance and an environment conducive to creativity and future planning. This can only lead to business success however that looks in any organization – profitability or viability.

And that is why workplace culture must remain a top priority, now more than ever! 



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